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Cookie Reports Ltd has licensed the use of the Sitemorse engine, has subsequently built and now operates an online service for website cookie auditing, monitoring and reporting.

Service Introduction

The EU Directive on cookies, effective from 26 May 2011, puts a new compliance requirement on website owners, including owners of sites delivered by third parties. Understanding how many cookies you have on ALL of your sites, whether you really need them, and how to meet the requirements of the legislation, involves risks that can consume significant staff and management time.

Simply removing cookies from websites risks compromising usefulness and usability and is not a realistic option for organisations looking to shift more services online. The law makes it clear that website owners must be aware of all cookies on their site, whether set by them, or as is often the case, they have been set by third parties.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), which is responsible for enforcing the new law, has allowed all organisations one year from May 2011 to put their house in order. This is not a suspension of the law and complaints about serious breaches will still be investigated.

It's not really practical, or reasonable possible to manually check a site for cookies - typically it can take say 4-6 minutes to check a page. Our solution offers a report in just a couple of hours, at a fraction of the cost of carrying out a manual review.

One-off reports

Pages (up to): 5002,5007,50020,000
GBP: 3751,5252,4003,250
EUR: 4281,7402,7383,708
DKK: 3,18912,96820,40927,637

Monthly monitoring and 'active' cookies policy


Corporate estate report

Number of web sites:
Up to 5,000 pages each
1025100 250
Estate report price:POA POAPOA POA

Monthly monitoring and 'active' cookies policy


Multi web site reporting

Number of web sites
Up to 7,500 pages each:
51025 50
Multi site report price:POA POAPOA POA

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Barclays bank - referring to the enterprise wide project.

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Head of client services - ABC.

“Whilst it is not for me to endorse any particular tool or service, I applaud this overall development which is bringing some genuine innovation.”

Neelie Kroes - Vice President of the European Commission.

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